Vintage CCS Catalogs

CCS Summer 1997 and Winter 1997 Catalogs
CCS Winter 1997 and Summer 1997 Catalogs

Awhile back I was feeling nostalgic and purchased two old CCS catalogs off eBay. It was a package deal and included the Summer ’97 and Winter ’97 catalogs. The Summer ’97 catalog is missing the front and back covers plus an unknown number of pages. The Winter ’97 catalog is complete though and includes a snowboarding section on the back half.

1997 was probably the peak of skateboarding in my life so getting these catalogs was a cool walk down memory lane. But rather than just keeping them on a shelf, I am going to try to share the contents online for anyone who wants to see what skateboarding looked like in the mid 90s.

I wont try to squeeze everything into one post. That would be way too cumbersome and probably never get posted online. Instead I will divide them up into separate posts, like 90s skateboard decks, 90s skateboard wheels, and 90s skateboard shirts, etc.

(Note: I will edit the following lines to make them links as I post each one.)

  • 90s Snowboards
  • 90s Snowboard Boots and Bindings
  • 90s Snowboard Accessories
  • 90s Snowboard Shirts
  • 90s Snowboard Jackets, Pants, etc

Once I’m done posting everything. I’m not sure what I’ll do with these catalogs. Maybe put them back on the shelf, relist them on eBay for someone else to enjoy in person, or give them away at some point.

CCS Winter 1997 and Summer 1997 Catalogs
CCS Winter 1997 and Summer 1997 Catalogs

That’s it for now.

Stay rad. 🍕😎