Stranger Things x Schwinn Lucas Bike

Where’s Will?

That’s the question we were all asking in Stranger Things Season 1. 

That mystery’s been solved for a long time now. Now we should be asking where’s Lucas’s bike.

In January 2020, Schwinn in collaboration with Stranger Things issued a special edition Lucas bike. The limited edition bike is a single speed Predator model on a 24″ frame. The bike retailed at Walmart for $249.

But where are they now?

Searching on eBay for “Stranger Things Schwinn,” I only see 4 bikes for sale. And none of them are Lucas’. They are all Mike’s bike which is less cool to be honest. Actually one of the listings is for Lucas’ bike except it’s a want to buy listing. Clever use of an eBay listing there.

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If I filter to see the recently sold items under the same search terms, I see 7 bikes. 3 of those are the Lucas edition Schwinn bike. The other 4 being Mike’s bike.

It looks like one sold for $750 with free shipping. The other two were listed at $999 with free shipping and $793 including shipping. Those last two show best offer accepted so we can’t be sure of the final sales price.

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Compare this to the Stranger Things x Mongoose bike that was issued in 2019. A search of eBay showed 21 bikes for sale and 22 sold bikes.

That’s a huge difference. Now granted the Lucas Schwinn bike was a limited edition and the Mongoose was a special edition (so less limited?). But Mike’s bike was also marketed as a limited edition with a population count of 500 and we see those listed on eBay. I’m not sure of the population count for Lucas’ bike but it had to be at least 500, right?

Maybe people are just unwilling to sell the Lucas bike and that’s why we aren’t seeing them on eBay.

This has the makings of a very rare and desirable collectable for Stranger Things fans. I think that bike that sold for $750 was a steal at this point.

I want one. I love Stranger Things and this bike looks awesome. I’ll probably never get one due to the rarity and the pricing. But I have the eBay saved search setup and maybe one day I’ll get lucky.

Oh and one odd thing to note. In some of the pictures the Schwinn Lucas bike has the banana seat and support bar like in the TV show. In other pictures, like the ones in this post it has a traditional bmx bike seat. I have no clue which arrives with the bike. The bmx seat with no support bar definitely looks cooler even if it’s less true to the TV show.

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Stay rad.