Skyway Tuff Wheels

Recently, I wrote posts on the Stranger Things Mongoose and the Raleigh Tuff Burner bmx bikes. Both of which are riding on mag wheels. Those bikes have me wanting a set of mag wheels.

When I was little, there was a kid a few years older than me in the neighborhood and I remember he got a chrome Skyway bike with white mag wheels. It looked so cool, everyone wanted those mag wheels. 

So I decided to do some digging to see if you can still get those mag wheels. Here is what I learned.

Image via BMX Museum

Can you still buy Skyway mag wheels?

Yes! I put some links below to where you can buy them.

Who makes Skyway Tuff wheels?

They were made by a company named Skyway Machine Inc., based out of Redding, California. In 2017, this company was acquired by CEW Wheels in Mississippi. Now Skyway is one of their branded product lines. In addition to bmx bike wheels, they also make medical, industrial, and other types of wheels. You can visit the Skway/CEW website by clicking here.

Image via BMX Museum

Where are Skyway Tuff wheels made?

According to BMX Museum, they were made in Redding, California. This might have changed after they were acquired by CEW. I couldn’t find anything on the CEW website saying where the wheels are made. I sent them an email to ask. If they respond, I will update this post.

Where can you buy Skyway tuff wheels?

You can buy them at a few online BMX retailers and on eBay.

Click to see Skyway Wheels on Ebay

Skyway Wheels at Planet BMX.

Depending on where you live you might be able to find them at a local store. That would be nice because then you could just take your bike in and then ride it out on the mag wheels. It’s probably not that hard to do it yourself but I haven’t dealt with bike wheels, tires, and inner tubes in so long I have completely forgotten how to do it.

Image via StemCandy on Ebay

What colors are available for Skyway mag wheels?

Skyway Tuff mag wheels are made in black, white, red, green, blue, gray, pink, purple, and yellow.

The high number of color options means these can work with almost any bmx bike color scheme.

Does Skyway still make BMX bikes?

No, it doesn’t look like it. That’s actually related to the reason that mag wheels probably aren’t as popular as they once were. Originally Skyway was making mag wheels and then selling them to other BMX bike manufacturers. That way you could get something like a Dyno bike with Skyway mag wheels already on it. But eventually Skyway decided to start making BMX bikes themselves. This turned BMX manufacturers that were previously their customers into competitors. So as the other manufacturers quit equipping their bikes with Skyway mag wheels, they became much less common to see. Eventually Skyway shut down the bicycle product line but thankfully the Skyway mag wheel brand lives on today.

Image via BMX Museum


I’m hopeful mag wheels become more popular, they are just so cool to see. But first it seems like BMX biking would have to become more popular. When I was little, the BMX bike was the primary mode of transportation, especially for any place far. Even though a mountain bike would have been a lot faster with the multiple gears, we just rode BMX bikes. But today it seems kids move up to the mountain bike as soon as they are big enough. Or more likely, they just get a ride from their parents. It’s hard for bikes to compete with cars and video games. 

As for me, I have a chrome GT Mach 1 Pro in the basement that would probably look pretty good on a set of white Skyway mag wheels. 

Okay that’s it for now.

Stay rad. 😎🍕