Mag Wheel Awesomeness: Raleigh Bringing Back the Mk1 Tuff Burner

Bmx bike, mag wheels. Say no more, I’m interested.

Raleigh is bringing back the Mk1 Tuff Burner. 40 years after the original, this limited edition release looks awesome. 

Raleigh Mk1 Tuff Burner
Raleigh Mk1 Tuff Burner

The pre-sale sold out in just a few hours. They will have a general release sometime in 2023. It’s unknown how many of these Tuff Burners will be produced in the limited edition run and what portion of those were accounted for in the pre-sale. 

Unfortunately it looks like these will only be sold in the UK. US buyers will have to wait and see what gets listed on eBay. 

So if you are a fan of nostalgic bmx bikes, how do you proceed here?

Buy it to use it?

And by use it, I mean use it as a bmx bike. Riding it on dirt, on the street, jumping it, you know, really using it. That’s going to be rare with this bike. Most of the buyers of this bike will probably be in their 30s or 40s and not regularly riding bmx bikes. 

Buy it as an investment?

I don’t think this bike will make a great investment for a few reasons. At 600£ ($700 approximately) it’s in the middle of the price range for a new quality bmx bike. That’s a bit steep if it’s just to scratch a nostalgic itch. 

And the price ceiling for recently issued nostalgic bmx bikes doesn’t leave much room. Plus a cardboard box containing a bmx bike takes up a lot of room and isn’t very fun to look at. Then add in the cost of international shipping for resales and there isn’t a lot of margin left for profits. And with unknown supply and demand variables, the holding time could be very long. That’s just too speculative to buy on speculation.

Here is what I would do.

Buy it, unbox it, lean it against the wall of my awesome flex office space. Then occasionally ride it around the flex office space. With that minimal use it would stay clean and last forever. And then maybe 10 years down the road it sells for more. But no worries if it doesn’t because at that point I’ve gotten 10 years of enjoyment out of it. 

The only problem with this plan is I don’t have an extra 600£ , I’m not in the UK, and I don’t have an awesome flex office space.

But maybe someday I’ll have that flex office space with a sweet bmx bike on mag wheels leaning against the wall. 😎

Raleigh Mk1 Tuff Burner
Raleigh Mk1 Tuff Burner

Here is a link to the Tuff Burner on Raleigh’s website for more information.

Stay rad! 😎

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