Eastbay Closing Down

The Internet killed mail order a long time ago, but somehow Eastbay continued on. They never gave up on the full size, full color, catalogs that were basically magazines. So I was sad to see they were shutting down. I understand it though. They were owned by the Footlocker group so there was a lot of overlap between their other retailers and I’m sure the costs of that catalog were massive. I would still order from them occasionally when I could find Air Max 90s in a decent colorway, so I still received their catalogs. Maybe I should have saved that last one, if I had known then they would be closing.

Eastbay Catalog
Eastbay Catalog Cover

But back in the day, the Eastbay catalogs were a hot commodity in high schools and middle schools. Somehow you could get 5 people crowded together to look through all the shoe options. It’s also crazy to think about how much things have changed. Ordering shoes by mail or over the phone seems impossibly slow compared to the instantaneous demands of today.

Honestly though, I would like to see a mail order revival. We all need a little less digital and a little more analog.

That’s it for now.

Stay rad. 😎🍕