Christmas Wish List

It’s the day after Christmas and I’m going to make a little rad wish list. Better late than never?

Here are a few rad things I’d like to have or see happen.

Snowboard Kids 2 for Nintendo 64

Snowboard Kids 2 for N64

I had no clue a sequel existed until a few weeks ago! I was thinking about doing a post on Snowboard Kids for N64 as it’s one of my favorite games and one that I still own. I started doing some research for the post and saw Snowboard Kids 2. I’d love to compare the two games. So this is going on the wish list. Maybe I can find a copy on eBay for a decent price.

Nike Air Max 1 ’87 “Coconut Milk”

Nike Air Max 1 '87 "Coconut Milk"
Nike Air Max 1 ’87 “Coconut Milk”
Nike Air Max 1 '87 "Coconut Milk"
Nike Air Max 1 ’87 “Coconut Milk”

I prefer Air Max 90s to Air Max 1s but these 1s look pretty good. They could work with a wide variety of pants and jeans colors. At least I think so, I can be clueless when it comes to matching colors. The clean color combo and the subtle tiger stripes and reptilian textures are a win here.

Starter Jackets and Hats Make a Comeback

Starter jackets and hats were very rad in the 90s. And then they just kinda faded away. From their website it looks like they are trying to make a comeback. Oddly, they have button up satin jackets for almost every team. But the pullover jackets they were famous for are limited to a fraction of the teams. And no hats on the site currently. Seeing them make a bigger comeback is also on the wish list.

I think I will limit this list to just 3 things since Christmas has already passed. The chances of a Christmas miracle are pretty low here.

That’s it for now.

Stay rad. 😎🍕