90s Skateboard Trucks

A few observations about these trucks from 1997. One, even though it’s 25 years ago now, $17 seems really cheap for a set of skateboard trucks. I feel like they should have cost more back then. Now they seem to range from $40 to $90. The $40 sounds reasonable and $90 sounds crazy but I guess those are made from titanium. Two, it’s funny how they’re all the same price basically from $17 to $19. I guess that was CCS’s business model to keep things simple but it just looks funny today.

Click here to see the main post on these CCS catalogs with links to the decks, wheels, shoes, and more.

Here are the skateboard truck options from the Summer 1997 and Winter 1997 CCS catalogs.

Summer 1997 CCS Catalog Skateboard Trucks

Winter 1997 CCS Catalog Skateboard Trucks

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