90s Skateboard Decks

Skateboards were skinnier in the 90s. These catalogs have a lot of boards that are 7.5, 7.62, and 7.75 inches wide. Today it’s hard to find a board under 8 inches wide. I would also say the graphics were better back in the 90s but that might just my nostalgic bias.

Click here to see the main CCS catalog post with links to the wheels, shirts, and more.

Summer 1997 Skateboard Decks

Here are the skateboard decks from Summer 1997 CCS Catalog. Note I am missing a page or two of decks at the beginning of this catalog. The Winter 1997 catalog below has a full selection of decks.

Winter 1997 Skateboard Decks

Click here for the main post on these catalogs with links to wheels, shirts, shoes, etc.

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